Dec 26, 2022

This is a card I received last year. These kinds of things warm my heart and remind me that we work not in vain.

Dec 22, 2022

The amount of 2% Milk our family goes through in a week is amazing. I work out at the gym twice a week and each time I go, I stop by Braums on the way home to pick up two gallons of milk. It has become part of my twice a week routine. Most of the time, there is a black lady who checks me out.

¸The first few times she helped me, I noticed she didn’t speak a lot. I thought, “Maybe english isn’t her first language”. On subsequent visits, I started to make small talk and ask her something about the weather or holiday plans. Eventually, I asked her if she was planning to be in church somewhere for Easter. She said, “I’m not from around here. I don’t have a church.”

I told her about Woodland Acres Baptist Church and how to get there. I think the five miles distance was a bit far for her. It could be that she walks to work. What struck me the most, was her asking questions! She wanted to know how to get there? Do we offer communion? What time was the service? So I gave her my business card and tried to help her visualize where 55th and Harvard was located.

So far, I haven’t seen her at church, but I keep an eye out and still see her at Braums from time to time. The point is, sometimes we make assumptions that people aren’t friendly when we haven’t yet offered friendship. Sometimes we fail to invite people because we assume they wouldn’t want to go!

Tulsa is full of visitors to our great nation. Let’s make sure that each one we meet receives a welcome invite to our friendly church, and if they don’t speak english, then at least they will have experienced the love of Jesus within us!

Going ON Mission

May 3, 2021

In Tulsa, there are many apartment buildings and communities that provide housing assistance to those in need. “Christ for Humanity” is an organization that, with the help of many partners, provides food and care packages. Rich Bartlett is one of the intake specialists at CFH and asked me to be a regular speaker at one of their drop off locations.

I have now been honored to represent Christ a number of times. This particular building has a wide range of residents. Some residents seem like your average Joe/Jane, but due to unfortunate circumstance have needed a “reboot” in life. Some deal with physical limitations that limit their options, others have mental handicaps and may always require a case worker or assisted living.

This is not an environment for a young preacher wanting to climb the rungs of a pastorate. This is the mission field. It’s right here in Tulsa. It is tough emotionally, spiritually draining, and often dirty work. What will you do when one of these “least” among us, wants a hug or to shake your hand?

I’m reminded of the time Jesus was approached by the man with leprosy. Can you imagine the shock on the disciple’s faces when Jesus didn’t recoil, but instead, touched the sick and diseased man?

I’m reminded of the stories of the nurses that remained in England during the Bubonic Plague to care for the dying, knowing that to stay was a death sentence for themselves.

I’m reminded of the nurses today that face the daily fear of COVID after watching patients die in their care.

Who am I to let bedbugs, nats, or fleas keep me from telling these people about Jesus? Most come to the meeting because of the promise of a care package, but I have seen they also come to receive some measure of hope. They need to know that someone loves them. They hunger for something more than just the food in the boxes.

Each meeting I have faithfully shared the Gospel and offered a prayer of salvation. I don’t keep score or ask them to reveal what is happening in their hearts. But I am certain, that many are praying with me as I again ask Jesus to forgive me of my sins, to come into my heart, and be my Savior and Lord.

My fears are easily dismissed with a little hand sanitizer, and when I get home, a quick shower and change of clothes. But the joy of sharing Jesus is eternal. Make the effort. Risk the consequences. God sees… and remember, they will know we are christians by our love.