Workplace Evengelism

Sharing Your Faith in the Office

Sharing your faith in the office place can be scary.  It is very comparable to sharing your faith with your next door neighbor.  Our mind argues, “If this goes badly, it will be awkward working/living with them in the future.” Sometimes we argue with ourselves, “I’ll just try to be really nice to them and they will see Jesus in me”. I would like to help you set the bar higher.

If you haven’t ever used the name of Jesus in the office, except as a curse (heaven forbid), then start there.  Ask yourself, “Have I ever used the name “Jesus” in a conversation at work?” This can be a little baby step for you to become more use to talking about spiritual things in the office. 

Have you ever asked someone else not to use Jesus’ name as a curse in the office place? I have. I was really nervous about doing so, but I asked to speak with the person privately and said, “Mr. ***, I really like working with you, and hope this conversation won’t change that, but I would appreciate it if we could refrain from using Jesus’ name in the office that way. It bothers me, and it might be overheard by a customer.” To my surprise, Mr. *** apologized and over the next few months, it seemed that his esteem for me grew! 

God blessed that moment, and I admit things could have gone very differently. However, isn’t what Jesus has done for us worthy of defending His name?  

Luke taught that the Pharisees discouraged the Disciples from using the name of Jesus. “So they called for them and ordered them not to speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus.”  (Acts 4:18 CSB17)  

But the Disciples of Jesus never stopped. Good thing too because we know about Jesus today because of them!

I agree that we need to be careful to always be loving and always be kind in the office. However, we love our Lord and we love feeling the Holy Spirit prompting us to take action. I encourage you, my dear brother or sister, to pray about how you can elevate the way in which people talk about Jesus in your circles of influence. You will be doing service for your Lord that the Holy Spirit can use, and your peers may respect you for it.