Business Traveler

A few years ago, I was sent to Dallas for new employee training.  I was working for a global corporation so people flew in from all over the USA for a 4 day workshop.  Spouses were not invited so upon arrival, everyone was trying to make friends as quickly as possible.  On a side note, that is a skill I developed by attending many summer camps during my childhood.

There was one individual that I kept running into on the elevator or at nearby tables. Adrian. He was doing the same stuff as everyone else, making friends, first contacts, and networking.  My mode of operating in these environments is to be a little quiet and listen to what is going on around me. Adrian’s mode was very extraverted and boisterous.  After a couple days of overhearing his conversations, it became clear that he was having some trouble with his relationships at home. He was married with kids but he said he and his wife fought a lot and, while he loved his kids, he didn’t have a great relationship with them. 

I would like to add here that Adrian didn’t have the cleanest language.  For many Christians, this can be very off-putting.  However, if we are going to find an opportunity to witness, we must be patient with bad behavior until the Holy Spirit has an opportunity to change the heart.

About the 4th day, I found myself alone in the elevator with Adrian. We hadn’t really spoken yet and I’m not certain we liked each other that much.  But I spoke up and broke the silence with something like, “I’m sorry to hear about your situation with your wife.” Adrian began to tell me the details. He clearly wanted to talk it out, so I got off on his floor and listened attentively.  Finally, he had made his case, which had some pretty good points.  Then it was my turn.

I said, “Adrian, do you go to church?” He said, “Well, I used to, my grandmother raised me and took me occasionally, but I haven’t been in a really long time.” 

I said, “Then here’s what I think. Adrian, it’s time for you to Man-up.  God made you to be the spiritual leader in your family.  If you don’t take the lead in your family, then you can’t expect God to do anything about it.  You know, God loves you Adrian, and He wants a relationship with you.  I suggest that when you get to your room, you take a minute to tell God about your problems and confess your sins to Jesus.  Jesus died so that your sins can be forgiven but you have to ask Him.  The Bible says the Holy Spirit will change your heart of stone to one of flesh and that Jesus will never leave you.  He can help you change the culture in your home.  Often when the man of the house surrenders to Jesus, the Bible says that “He and His whole house-hold were saved”. 

I asked to pray for Adrian and he agreed.  We parted company and I started packing in my room to leave in the morning.  Then next day, I was pulling my luggage down the hall when Adrian came running down behind me. He said, “John, wait a minute!” Then he continued, “I just wanted you to know that last night, I did just what you said. I asked Jesus to come into my heart and forgive me of my sins.  I’m going to go home and tell my wife what has happened to me and that we are going to church Sunday.  I just wanted you to know and thank you for what you said.” 

With a big smile on both our faces, I said, “I’ll be praying for you Adrian.”  And you know what?  I still do.  Wherever you are Adrian, I pray that God is blessing your family and I hope you tell me all about it when I see you again.  Be it this life or in the next.